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Best Package Tracking Apps for Android

If you’re shopping online from a bunch of different sites, it can be difficult to keep track of every purchase. Download a killer parcel tracking app and get your ducks in a row before a fat guy comes down your chimney. Deliveries Deliveries is likely one of the first names …

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12 things we want to see on iOS 12 at WWDC


Some changes wouldn’t hurt. Sarah Tew/CNET Apple’s WWDC conference is almost here, which means one sure thing: a preview of the next version of iOS. The last version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 11, had some pretty significant updates: a new control panel, ARKit, new Siri functions, central …

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Google app v8.5 beta prepares to enable Continued Conversation mode, but possibly just for Google Home [APK Teardown]


Google has been progressively enhancing its speech-related technologies for years, starting in the early days with mostly straightforward commands before aiming much higher with natural language processing and conversational back-and-forth interactions. At I/O 2018, a demonstration included the next stage of this evolution, which has been dubbed Continued Conversation. A …

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Maybe you shouldn’t buy a MacBook Pro right now


Sarah Tew/CNET I wouldn’t want you to feel buyer’s remorse, so here’s a word of advice: Maybe don’t buy a MacBook Pro right now.  Three reasons why: 1) We’re expecting Apple to upgrade its MacBook Pros at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which kicks off June 4. Less than …

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